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I Pray That There Is No Truth In That Story – Angella Katatumba defends Newton

Angella Katatumba who is commonly known for her singing and philanthropic work, earlier quashed rumors that she’s dating Newton aka NTO. The RnB singer recently took to her Facebook page to weigh in on rape allegations imposed on NTO.


According to rumors, Newton and three others were charged in 2010 for allegedly raping a tourist who partied at the same club as them. However, the suspects including NTO were later released on bond.

Angella who has known Newton (NTO) since she was 16, said she wouldn’t wish any woman anywhere in the world, to be a victim of the horrible act of rape.

“Due to a growing number of questions and concern from my family, fans & members of the press, I have decided to address an issue that has featured online and in print media, that is in fact not mine to address, but has come to directly affect me,” Angella said.

“As you may know, I share a friendship and musical partnership with recording artist Newton aka NTO. This is evident in our latest song and video recently released called ‘The Struggle’. Although this must be a difficult time in the public eye for NTO, I pray that there is no truth in that story because no woman, anywhere in the world, should ever be a victim of the horrible act of rape,” she added

“I have heard NTO’s version of events and hope that when he’s ready to share his side of the story with the general public, you are all kind enough to come to fair conclusions.” she concluded. 

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