Presenter Kabs Halloha Not Impressed By The CMVAS Blue Carpet

Tomorrow marks a week since the Club Music Video awards came to pass at a glamorous Blue Carpet function that took place in Kampala Serena Hotel’s Victoria Hall. We saw a lot of things from the attendees’ fashion, the awarding session that saw little known artistes Abaasa and Patrobas bag the most awards and the Blue Carpet which was the most anticipated.

However, like an experienced host of red carpet events, Urban TV’s Live on Red Carpet host Kabs Halloha made his own remarks on how the blue carpet went down

“Red carpet came all the way from 1902 when the New York central railroad used to plush crimson carpets to direct people as they boarded their 20th century passenger train. Walking on the red carpet used to be a very big thing and lately it has been destroyed yet it’s a way to honor gods, dignitaries and prominent personalities. I believe there is no Glamour without a red carpet. A red carpet is the genesis of glam.”


Halloha was however gave a round of applause to some of the key figures who dress to kill at the Blue Carpet                                       

“On that note there was no glamour at all at the CMVAS however, on the other hand I do respect whatever intentions, motives and objectives Club had as a company. All the fashion is put to waste with no red carpet. Red carpet is glam, red carpet is pomp. But besides all that a big thank you those that dressed to Kill namely Sheila Gashumba, Myself, Ahumuza Brian, and the Queen of glam in Uganda Malaika Nnyanzi , she never disappoints.”  


Kabs Halloha at the Blue Carpet


NTV’s Sheilah Gashumba


Fashion designer Abrayanz (right) and his friend Kim Swaga


Malaika Nnyanzi slaying on the blue carpet


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