President Museveni Gives Powerlifter Roy Mubiru A 29 Million Boost

On the road to the 2021 general elections, president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is a little bit generous and this is the right time to get so called ‘parcel‘ from him and one person who recently benefited from him is Roy Mubiru, a USA based Ugandan powerlifter.

The president gave Roy Ug Shs 29 million to boost his preparations ahead of the World Powerlifting Championships set for this May in Ukraine.

President Museveni made his offer in while Kiboga as he attended the Kiboga district youth mindset change workshop where Mubiru presented him a medal he won last year.

However, it is not the president alone who has boosted Mubiru’s career as South African based Ugandan tycoon Cameroon Gitawo has on a number of occasions come to his help whenever he was in need of financial help most notably boosting his RM Power lifting Championship & Cross Fit’ in April 2018.

“If I had not met Gitawo to invest in my career, I wouldn’t have come this far. Meeting the President doesn’t come lightly because if I wasn’t a champion, I wouldn’t have met the President,” Mubiru said while he was hosted on a local TV station on Thursday.

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