Presidential Envoy On Ghetto Affairs Bucha Man Hospitalized After Altercation With NEMA Officials

What started like a ‘polite way’ to try speak to the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) officials who were reportedly holding a meeting in Makindye, Kampala later tuned into a nightmare for veteran Raggamuffin singer Bucha Man real name Mark Bugembe on Thursday.

According to officials, they were apparently in the area to meet and find the solutions over the fact that a some people built houses on plots which are in a wetland, locally known as ‘entobazzi’. Bucha and his gang perceived this as if, it was a move to chase them away thus coming to defend themselves.

According to the live video showing part of this drama on Bucha’s official Facebook page, he is seen with a gang of about 15 guys with some holding sticks ready for probably war as they chant ‘Ghetto Ghetto’. They were meanwhile reportedly heading to the venue of the meeting but on their way, they met with the officials alongside armed security personnel after concluding the meeting

All the amicable means to reach an agreement between two parties failed leading to arrest of some and among them was the leader Bucha. It was not an easy task to get him on the police patrol pickup to be taken to Katwe Police Station. He was roughed up and during the process, he claims he sustained some injuries which he is currently nursing at Malcom Clinic in Kibuye, Kampala.

In October 2019, president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni appointed the ‘Lwaki Temumatila’ singer as his special envoy to the ghettos in what can be perceived as an effort to get more support from people living in slummy areas of Kampala city.

Watch Bucha Man and his Gang in an altercation with NEMA officials

Posted by Bucha Man on Thursday, June 18, 2020






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