Prime Minister Defends Use Of Mobile Money To Send COVID19 Relief Token To Vulnerable Ugandans

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Minister defends use of mobile money in sending relief to Ugandans in lock down.

New Prime Minister of Uganda Honourable Robinah Nabbanja has defended the use of mobile money numbers to send the COVID-19 relief token to vulnerable Ugandans affected by the second lockdown.

She said the idea of using mobile money is cheap, efficient and it will eliminate middle men who misused the relief items that were meant for vulnerable Ugandans during the first lockdown in March 2020.

Speaking at the Prime Minister’s office in Kampala on Sunday, Nabbanja said they will use telecommunication companies to send each Ugandan Ug Shs 100,000 (USD 28.23)

“Ugandans are responsible for their own lives, they can make good use of the money. At least this is a good idea and we shall sell the idea to the head of the state.” she said.

She also said those without mobile money will be given vouchers that they will use to withdraw the money from mobile money agents around them.

Prime Minister Honourable Robinah Nabbanja speaking at the Office Of Prime Minister

President Museveni recently announced a total lockdown of 42 days to contain the second wave of COVID 19 in Uganda following the rise in the cases as well as deaths

He only allowed essential workers such as the army, police, doctors, media and government workers to continue operating fully.

Statistics from the Ministry of Health show that Kampala and Wakiso are the most affected districts far as the impact of Covid 19 is concerned.

Uganda has lost over 600 people to Covid 19 and the number is expected to rise if standard operating procedures and vaccination of the masses is not done to contain the deadly Virus.













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