He however did not mention who the contacts are, but reports indicate that they are members of the cabinet in government.

Dr. Rugunda, a medical doctor states that he took the decision as a recommended health measure.

This comes as a shock especially at a time when the country is easing up on the lockdown measures, with both private and public transport now allowed to operate.

It also however has to be noted that, the new development comes after the Ministry of Health announced mandatory coronavirus testing for all ministers in the country.

According to the MOH, the tests are a routine exercise since ministers travel to different parts of the country meeting different people in their course of duty.

The tests will be conducted in President’s office starting Friday 05 June.

The development comes days after seven front-line health workers in Uganda also tested positive for coronavirus and the number of positive cases for COVID-19 are rapidly rising.

As of yesterday June 4the 2020 the total number of positive cases in country now stands at 557 after results from tests done revealed 35 new positive cases.

All the new 35 cases are Ugandans 15 of whom are from cases collected at entry points while 20 are from samples of contacts and alerts.

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