Prison Warden Impresses Pallaso Ahead Of Soma Concert

Radio and Weasel had a successful 1O Years of RAW concert at Kyadondo Rugby Ground last Friday the 3rd of November and Team Good Music’s boss Pallaso is also in preparation for his Soma concert which is also slated for the same venue come Friday the 8th of December

The FOMO is on and Pallaso’s social media is on fire with the hype for this event, so is his fans’ like one prison Warden who shared a video of him playing a piano while singing to Pallaso’s ‘Soma’ song in a way that is eye catching because of the nice vocals he showcased to an extent that Pallaso wants to meet him.

Smartly dressed in full Uganda prisons uniform, the prison warden identified as Commander Rasta Gadee who is attached to Luzira prison’s Murchison Bay ward put his gun aside and displayed good keyboard playing skills as he sang to the song ‘Soma’ song thus calling upon the public to come through and support Pallaso whose concert’s entry fee is Ug Shs 20,000 ordinary and 50,000 VIP.

Commander Rasta Gadee singing to Pallaso’s ‘Soma’

Watch the prisson warden singing Pallaso’s ‘Soma’ song in which he called upon the public to come support

With the video going viral, Pallaso is calling upon the public to help him find the man whom he needs to perform live come concert day.

“Woooow Does anybody know this guy?? Please help me find him anybody with connections. I need him to sing this live..8th Dec Kyadondo at Soma Concert. His voice is a blessing to this country. Please share the video help me find him.” Pallaso said

Meanwhile, Pallaso is a busy man in rehearsals as the concert is just like a month away   

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