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Producer Just Jose Quits Managing Radio And Weasel

Just Jose

Things seem to get worse and nastier as the latest coming in indicates Just Jose has thrown in the towel managing Radio and Weasel in International engagements. Jose who has been managing the dynamic duo for the past two years has quit due to ‘unavoidable circumstances’. This comes in the back of a series of fights that have rocked the Goodlyfe Crew.

Media has been awash with the story of Goodlyfe splitting and bickering over money and contract disagreements. However, the fights have since taken a bloody twist as the crew members have taken to physical fights. The latest fight that happened on Monday 25th April resulted to the arrest of most of the crew including Radio who was arrested from his Makindye home for possession of illegal drugs, Affray and Assault.

There have been various accounts making rounds in the media about what exactly happened, but our snoops tell us that the fight started from Kabalagala based Club Venom over songs the DJ was or was not playing. It then shifted to Acacia Avenue based Casablanca bar where some of the crew members were drinking and hell broke loose after US based Pallaso punched Radio into a coma over comments made by Sizzaman that he(Palasso) was a no body before he was featured in the Amaaso song alongside Radio and Weasel. Police was later called in to calm the situation and arrested some of the new Goodlyfe members including Pallaso, AK 47 and thier manager Jeff Kiwa. The fight later continued in Radio’s home in Kizunge-Makindye. Where he was arrested amid protest from family members and his own crew.

It should be noted that, Radio has since quit Goodlyfe after falling out with manager Jeff Kiwa and formed a new ‘Goodlyfe Reloaded’ with his own crew which includes Sizzaman and Chagga as manager. Jeff on the other hand recruited Sheeba Karungi, Allan Kiwa, Sam Mukasa, Pallaso, King Saha, AK 47 to form Goodlyfe ‘Team No Sleep’. Weasel has decided to remain silent and not affiliated to any camp but performs for either camp.

It is believed these events annoyed Just Jose who is tired of their fights and negative publicity it is generating hence quitting the management of the duo. Here is his official statement;

“I, Joseph Mwima aka Just Jose would like to officially announce that i will no longer do international management for the duo Radio and Weasel like i have been doing for the past two years. This is entirely due to unavoidable circumstances. I wish them well and i’m proud that during the time i worked with them, we literally conquered the world and got several International awards nominations i.e Channel O, Mtv Base, BET, etc

I will soon announce which artiste i will be working with hence forth.”


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