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Producer Micheal Fingaz Talks About His Amazing Career Journey

Micheal Fingaz formerly of Sony Records came to the limelight after producing Bebe Cool’s amazing hit song ‘love You Everyday. A few months Chano8 caught up with him and he took us through his career journey.

Music and I go way back. When I first moved to London, I frequented my mum’s church where music was central to the processions and I was drawn to it that way. My mum picked up on my interest and on my 12th birthday got me a mini keyboard. I experimented with the mini keyboard and that in a way was the beginning of a lifetime pursuit of good music. I recall one instance when the keyboardist at church did not show up and my mum volunteered me when the pastor asked if there was anyone that could play.

I struggled to keep up with the tunes and played with one finger, obviously off key and even though the experience was a scary one, it conversely strengthened my resolve to be better.
Thereafter, the pastor offered to pay for me to learn music professionally, so I attended classes, learnt how to play the piano, the chords and melody theory. I started to play with the choir during Sunday church service.

I did however, pursue other interests along the way; in college I studied Human psychology and planned to enlist in the army. I was always drawn to the order partly because of the admiration I had for my father.

Once, in a poignant moment after my grandmother’s burial, my mother asked myself and my siblings what we wanted to do with our careers; I told her I wanted to become a professional in the music field.

Micheal Fingaz at his work station

Micheal Fingaz at his work station

She prayed over my decision and wished me all the luck in the world. My mother’s support has been a constant in my life and I like to think that her backing propelled my career growth in ways unimaginable without it.

Shortly thereafter, a friend Abdu ‘Skillz’, a great producer and video director now in Nigeria invited me to join him and a collective of other performers to put together an album. The group which comprised of singers, rappers and producers put together ‘big brovaz watching you’ which we sold outside music stores.

That sold 10,000+ copies, a huge feat considering that we sold the albums ourselves mostly by handing it out to people on the street. The album did well; Shalit Roar Global, a big management company in Europe took notice and shortly thereafter Sony Records. With Shalit and Sony Records we produced two albums and had a number of top ten hits in the UK, Europe and AU.

By the time I was 22 I had worked at Sony with some of the most distinguished executives in the business including Dave Massey, now President of Island Records and Mercury Records, a part of the Universal Music Group and Nick Raphael , President of Capitol Records in the UK. I had also worked with some notable acts including Liberty X, Emma Bunton (Spice gals) and Lemar.

Two years after that, I moved to SonyBMG Australia where I worked with Jessica Mauboy, Shanon Noll, Natalie Birthingweight, Axle Whitehead, Seany B, and a couple of other prominent Artists. Two of the albums I produced in Australia sold double platinum. After three years at SonyBMG Australia, I moved my trade to Atlanta, USA. My time in the US was short lived and at a crossroads in my life I decided to move back to Uganda in 2010 with plans to pursue music here but mostly to build a life in my homeland.

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