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Producer Nessim On The Challenges He Faces In The Music Industry And Future Projects

Young producer Nessim who is known for his works behind most of A Pass’ music like Wuuyo, Tuli Kubigere and Twazikoze among others recently talked to Chano8 about the challenges he faces in the music industry.

Most of the trouble I find is the criticism with the producers work, you will find someone who knows nothing about music beats and production critiquing the song on beats. It’s demoralizing, but we move on. Then we have some stubborn artists who don’t want any suggestions and changes to be made to their songs, but yet you as the producer you know what you’re offering what is best for the song and this song flops,’ he said.

Nessim on challenges he faces

Nessim on challenges he faces

Nessim full names Nessim Mukuzza further talked about his future projects saying,

A lot of my projects are going on like the 50 track album for Apass. I am always doing and learning new things with my music. I have a lot of new songs coming with Desire. I have international projects coming up. I am working with Wiz Kid, might also be doing a song with Timaya and Kenzo too.

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