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Producer Nessim Talks About What It Takes To Make A Successful Hit

Nessim who is the producer behind most of A Pass’ songs, recently told Chano8 the ingredients of making a successful hit.

In the Chano8 May issue, the producer said that

Well people come with an idea and a feeling of what it is they want. Some have lyrics and a chorus so it’s up to me to create a song that fits and is perfect for an artist. I have only one person a day to work on a song.’

Nessim is the Producer behind most of A Pass' massive tracks.

Nessim is the Producer behind most of A Pass’ massive tracks.

He also goes on to say,

‘A hit song must have good lyrics, the type of music you want also matters. For example a club banger requires a catchy chorus. The lyrics also must be able to fit on a track. I believe any song can be a hit as long as the artist and producer agree on what the song needs.’

According to Nessim a true artist is one who can turn an ordinary song into an amazing song.

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