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Producer Paddy Man Roasted On Social Media Over Danz Kumapeesa

Music producer Paddy man is known to be reserved but like everyone, there is always that dark day in your life and that day was yesterday in his life.

The audio one records producer was among the people who posted on Facebook regarding Danz Kumapeesa’s situation but his opinion was heavily criticized by his followers.

The producer wrote that “To all that have given towards Save Danz Kumapeesa campaign may God bless you. Especially those who cheerfully gave off Camera Remember it’s not about how much u give ‘ but how much love u put into what u give”., 

This message seems to be directed to Bebe Cool because he was the first one to shoot a video clip when he was donating shs5m towards Danz Kumapeesa’s treatment which he shared on social media receiving a mixed reaction from the public..

Producer Paddy Man of Audio One had something to say about Danz Kumapeesa

Because of Bebe Cool’s gesture, other celebrities also came out and donated to the cause and as we write, a lot the amount of money demanded by the hospital has been accumulated. Below are some of the piercing comments Paddy man received after posting on Facebook


Kimera Patrick Paddy I know the direction of your post naye this camera thing has woken people including me though am not in your field of production but I enjoy your products you guyz give us so am responsible.I gave through mobile because of this media platform,I woke up to save danz because Moses Bebecool Ssaliposted about.At this time tewali mbu atte kwelaga we save life #save danz

Sara Nguse Camera or no camera it iz still giving,tujjeeko akajanja!!

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