Producers Defend Fik Fameica For His Copying Mentality

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

We have been dancing to Fik Fameica’s tunes ever since he came onto the scene. His career has been sky rocketing despite the fact that he has been on the scene not more than three years. In fact, he even managed to be on Bebe Cool’s best musicians last year.

But we have been able to identify where his magic is. Fik Fameica has been copying and pasting songs from different musicians thus the several hits he has. Out of the seven songs he has, five of them are copy and paste but after being exposed, some producers came out and defended him.

According to one of his producers Atin, there is no harm in Fik Fameica copying songs because if it’s copied, they wouldn’t allow it to play anywhere.

“Why is it that when he copies music they don’t censor it on YouTube and other sites. If it is copied music they wouldn’t allow it anywhere. This means we are mistaking plagiarizing and copying. The code progressions may be the same but it doesn’t mean that they copied the song. If you produce a kid and the kid looks like the neighbors kid is that kids the neighbors or yours?”. He said.

Adding that “The song may sound like someone’s their song but it belongs to Fik. The producer does his work to make sure it is original. The singer gets the vibe and gets inspired from many songs when he comes to Studio you join hands and create a great song.”

Still, Washington, one of the most legendary producers in Uganda said in one of the interviews that what Fameica is doing is not copying because he sings it in Luganda and some English. If it was copying, then everything from language would be the same.

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