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Profile: Meet Mike Kasibo, UK-Based Ugandan Community Activist

UK based Ugandan Mike Kasibo has carved himself quite the name as a Social Work Professional and Human Rights activist across facets such as Parish Council Leadership, Community leadership and as a Community Organizer.

Though unsung in his home country, Kasibo is celebrated across the world for the numerous feats of philanthropy he has extended to the underprivileged communities in Uganda.

His first eminent dart at activism was registered in 2016. This was when, through his former University, the University of Bedfordshire, Kasibo lobbied for the building of a Library in Kachomo, Budaka district, a village in Uganda. This was, according to an article published by the Bedfordshire University, a scheme to offset the low levels of literacy accessibility and development in the country; a dream he holds dearly.

Kasibo is known out there for his social activism

Across the UK and the general diaspora community, Mike Kasibo’s name is revered as a champion for racial equality, cultural identity, inclusion and diversity. According to news articles published about him, Kasibo has stayed at the forefront of youth engagement for development initiatives both in the UK and in Uganda. And yet, little is known about him as an individual. It is heavily rumored that he has plans to stand for a political seat in the near future. For now however, we are interested in finding out more about the man that’s hoisting Uganda’s flag ever so high across the world.

Who Is Mike Kasibo?

Cllr. Mike Kasibo of Shenley Brook End and Tattenhoe Parish Councils, UK is a Social Worker by proffesion, the co-founder of African and Caribbean Arts & Heritage Union, founder African Diaspora Festival and the founder and CEO of GOFMK, Milton Keynes. With over 10 years’ experience in Community Organizing, Youth work, Social care, Kasibo has contributed to many programs geared towards building community cohesion, social justice, building trust, breaking cultural barriers as well as knife and gun crime, in Milton Keynes and Eastern Europe.

“I am passionate about social justice, culture, and the art born of our heritage as Ugandans (and Africans at large.) I am a big advocate of Black Lives Matter and cultural heritage. I subscribe to the notion that just like trees, we all need our roots to grow. A firm believer in the proverbial Ubuntu concept of “I am because you are, you are because I am.” But I am also aware of the impediments to literacy and economic development that are caused by our social cultural beliefs and/or behavior. As a nation, there are so many conversations we need to have in order to strike a fine balance between preserving culture and harnessing development structures. Right from the grass roots where the effects of a general lack of inclusive and effective education structures, straight to the mighty and glossy political arenas where the decisions are supposed to be made, the debates must start. These will be some of the many things that Kasibo Development Foundation will be focusing on,” Kasibo explained passionately.


He holds an MSc in Social Work from the University of Northampton, Msc in Global Cooperation and Security and BSc (Hons) Applied social studies, a diploma in Business Communication and Leadership in Voluntary Sector and Community Organizing.

Is The Kasibo Development Foundation A Solution?

Asked whether Kasibo Development Foundation was a solution to the problems that ail Uganda, Kasibo maintained that the solution will only be born if the organization gets the right support from both political and community stake holders.

“This is a dream I am carrying on from my father, the late Patrick Kasibo. He had a penchant for community work and had a heart for change. He had set the precedent; I am simply following through to see that his dreams see the day of life. He was a teacher by profession, and yet he acquired land to try and set up a center where the community can be empowered to learn and change their livelihoods. He offered land for people to farm, set up a clinic for people to access free medication among other things. His dream was to set up a center that would address social cultural problems like food security, impart practical life skills for young people to better their livelihoods as well as better health and more effective literacy development plans,” Kasibo explained.

Further adding that; “You must be the change that you want to see. Let’s make the change. We are Stronger Together. Why are we killing each other, attacking each other and fighting each other’s progress. Africa is suffering because we are divided.
As head of Kasibo Development Foundation , I am proud of the KDF Academy which is under construction in Kachomo, in Budaka District of Eastern Uganda, East Africa. I see the new Academy as a challenge full of brave and exciting possibilities.”
He explained that the KDF Academy will house four essential and innovative departments inclusind music, agriculture, textiles and sports.

“Music to engage the mind, agriculture to feed the body, textiles to cloth the body and sports to keep mind and body strong and fit. I am planning for the school to open in the New Year (2022). From there we will embark on the first stage of a long term program aimed to benefit children and adults of Eastern Uganda, in particular the Kachomo region. We aim to sow the seeds from which the future generations of Uganda will flourish,” stated Kasibo.

Kasibo will be traveling to Uganda soon and will be hosted on a number of prominent TV and radio talk shows.

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