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Promoter Abitex Drags Jose Chameleone To Court Over ‘No Show’ At Concert

Musician Jose Chameleone’s political aspirations are in high gear and each passing day, the steam keeps increasing although some people have started doubting his capabilities. And among those people is music promoter Abitex.

According to the promoter, Chameleone has to change his ways as a person otherwise he will have to bid politics farewell.

“If you have failed to be transparent in the music industry how about the whole city. Won’t all the plots in Kampala be sold,” Abitex said in an interview with a local television.

This was after the ‘Valu Valu’ singer  failed to show up for a concert organised by Abitex in Nabugabo a few days ago yet he had received half the payment.

The veteran music promoter is so pissed with Chameleone and is willing to take the matter to the authorities if need be.

“Chameleone doesn’t respect contracts. You can pay him shs 5 million and if he gets an offer of 7 million tomorrow, he will totally forget the first offer and when another pops up, he will also forego the 7 million,” Abitex added.

He also added that he paid the artiste Shs 2 million a month ago to perform at at  Boat Rally in Nabugabo Beach, Masaka, promising to clear another 2 million later but Chameleon never showed face yet he had signed a contract and given receipts after the deposit pay as well.

“I have instructed my lawyers to give him 7 days in which he is supposed to apologise to the fans and to me. I am not doing this because I want the money back but I want to teach him a lesson. I need him to apologise to the fans and also pay the lawyer fees” warned Abitex.

He further stated that Chameleone tarnished the reputation he has built over the years and wants him to learn that failure to adhere to contract can be punishable by law.

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