Promoter Bobkins Now Fully Into Sports, Wants To Be President Of Uganda Rugby Union

For the past couple of years, promoter Bob Kibirige aka Bobkins of Kibo Media has been at the helm of Uganda Cranes matches at Namboole. He has been responsible for the ticketing and manning of gates.

We thought this was on a temporary basis to get some dimes to invest in his music promotion business, an area we have known him for but it seems we thought wrong as that seems not to be the case.

Bobkins now has a profound love for sports to the extent that, he has decided to run for the biggest post in Rugby according to information we have received.

The promoter, we understand has announced his intention to stand for the post of President of the Uganda Rugby Union and said his decision was based on pressure from National team players, major stakeholders and sponsors of the Game according to his friend and security guru Okello Dickson who revealed this on his Facebook.

Promoter Bobkins is now fully into sports as he wants to become President of Uganda Rugby Union

Okello further revealed that, the national team players have in the past complained about lack of facilities, inept organization and corruption in the Uganda’s Rugby circles and badly need a savior whom they think is none other than Bobkins.

Okello himself has been a critique of the past regimes as he constantly exposes their wrongs on social media while asking for Ugandans to save the Union.

Promoter Bobkins was the promoter behind many of Goodlyfe’s successful concerts at Hotel African among others.

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