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Promoter Suudiman Turns Into Blogger But His Grammar Will Shock You

All along we thought that if you are to consider yourself a blogger especially one who blogs in English, you should make sure that your grammar and spellings are on point. This however, does not seem to be the case with faded music promoter-turned blogger Suudiman

With no known blog, he is using his Facebook page as the blogging platform for now which wouldn’t be a bad thing to do but his grammar and spelling mistakes is a thing that makes one wonder whether he takes a second look at his content before publishing.  Some are not just mere typos but a justification that he needs to improve on the state of his grammar going forward.

Since the beginning of this year, Suudiman who at one point was one of the biggest music promoters in Uganda that used to fly in big international musicians for concerts, as well as being a manager of big local artistes has been posting content of his Facebook page but if you read carefully, he never disappoints when it comes poor grammar.

It is true we all make mistakes but for someone who poses as a blogger and one who critics others just like Suudi does, you must make sure that your English is good. (Find an editor)

Of late, Suudi has been competing with renowned bloggers in blogging about socialite and self-proclaimed money bags Bryan White and his ‘Bryan White Foundation’ members whom he (Bryan) recently fired.

Apart from that, some of his Facebook posts that are news worthy, without forgetting those hitting hard at his ex-chick Fifi Da Queen of Bukedde TV are written in bad grammar.

Here are some screen shots of the many grammatical errors made by upcoming blogger Suudiman Chano8 managed to compile. However, no man is an island, we commend him for keeping his followers up-to-date with the current trends.


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