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Prophet Mbonye Stirs More Controversy As He Claims ‘God Is In Manifestation’ At His Zoe Grounds

Forget his tales about his meetings with Jesus and Lucifer, controversial city prophet Elvis Mbonye is back with a different thing now.

Although some people have this time round perceived it as a way of attracting more people to his fellowship that takes place at Lugogo opposite KCCA Grounds in Kampala every Tuesday (although now it no longer does because of Covid19), he claims that God is in manifestation there. This is in a video clip shared on his official twitter account on Tuesday morning.

In the one minute and 27 seconds long video, the ‘Man Of God’ as he is called by his followers asks if one wants to know an encounter with God, adding that while God might be everywhere in the world, he doesn’t meet with people everywhere, which could be insinuating that among the few places that God meets with people, Zoe Grounds is among.

“Do you want to know to encounter God? The strange thing is, God is everywhere and when you try to tell people about the manifestation of God, If you tell them for instance, come to Zoe Grounds, God is in manifestation, they will say “God is everywhere, God is everywhere”. God is everywhere but he does not meet with people everywhere” He says

He continues to say that for God to meet up with one, there is a place or atmosphere that has got to be conducive for the meeting to happen. Again, could this place or atmosphere be Zoe Grounds?

His statements have once again given birth to mixed feelings especially on Twitter from those who have watched the video. Some people think that this is one of his opinions and have doubted them, whereas there are those, mostly his followers who are in total belief that the almighty manifests at Zoe fellowship.


There is no better way to start a month than receiving such a timely message from #ProphetElvisMbonye said a one Denis Ssekabembe



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