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Public Bashes Vivianne Mbuga’s Wedding Gown

Tycoon SK Mbuga and his new wife Vivianne Birungi (now Jalia Mbuga) exchanged vows at Old Kampala and Kibuli mosques on Thursday and later hosted their guests to a lavish reception at the Kampala Serena Hotel.  However what got the public tongues wagging was the wedding gown, people expected better, the sleeves seemed bigger, the small buttons in front which many mistook for a zipper did not look as appealing. For her curvaceous body this dress did not flatter her atoll. 


Fashion critics on Facebook, twitter, whatsapp  etc  went hard on the famous designer and NTV’s Style Project host  Sylvia Owori for that gown. She could have done better for someone who is a genius at criticizing other people’s styles. According to the public judgment the dress was a serious fashion miss. However Vivianne looked much better in her changing dress compared to the real wedding gown.





Why are the sleeves not fitting as the other upper part is fitting perfectly?


That’s how the couple looked from the back view, but really Sylvia?


This changing dress was on point and it flattered her body. There was detail taken care of with the sparks and the lace.



The guys’ coats look over-sized and far from smart or neat. Did they really take measurements better yet send the right measurements because this doesn’t look good on our city tycoon and the groom’s men. They are simply not dressed to the expectations.



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