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Purple Beach Party Host Douglas Lwanga Speaks Out

Douglas Lwanga has proved over time that his Purple party is one event not to miss every year due to the line of artistes that always perform at that event. The NTV presenter is having this year’s event at Lido beach and he explains more about it to Chano8 in this exclusive interview.

How did you conceive the idea of the purple party?

3 Years ago while I was hosting a popular daily music show on Record Tv, I found it wise to have an event that will unite Ugandan Artists irrespective of their beef plus also their fans. At a time the entertainment industry had produced Teams that support their favorite artists like Gagamel FAMILY, Team Bebe Cool, Team Bobi Wine, Team Juliana and many more. There could be a unifying event that brought all these fans together.


Douglas Lwanga is ready for this year’s beach party

Why color purple?

Most people ask about the color purple. The Musical show on Record TV was called KATOGO which I was hosting and its theme graphics color was purple. I thought whenever people see the color purple they would identify it to the music show (KATOGO), and thus we decided to name the event Purple Party.

Did you ever intend it would be an annual event?

The first time we did the purple Party, it was a one off intention. However that thought changed immediately when Bull Dog the club that hosted the event for the early 2 years was full to capacity. And after the event we decided to make it a calendar event.

Do you ever worry you might not have a good turn up?

Like any person organizing an event, you sometimes worry however the purple party is made especially by Ugandan artists. These will post and promote the event on my behalf and this is what pushes me to be strong that at least their fans will attend. Last year a tabloid had a headline “Douglas survives flop syndrome” because most events last year December had very little turn-up.

Have Rival Artists ever clashed at the event?

There was only once that they almost clashed but one of them kept calm. The second Annual Purple party at Bull Dog Bebe Cool was performing Coccidiosis and then that’s the same time Bobi Wine arrived and passed just through the stage. At that moment, I thought a fight would break out since the Coccidiosis song had a part that they say disses Bobi Wine but Bobi Wine just went ahead to take up his seat and Bebe Cool continued to sing .There was a lot of tension in the club that time but thank God there was no violence.

ivan rich gang in vip

Lwanga with the ‘rich Gang’ at last year’s edition

So tell us about this year’s event?

We expect a total turn up of 10,000 people at the event. Since it’s a beach event we shall open gates as early as 10 am .The Purple Party will be graced with lots of activities for example during Day time we shall have Boat Cruise, Barbeque , Swimming, Beach Games , and Give Always while at the Night Activities shall  include Artists Performances, Dj Battles and  Comedians.  However we have also set up an after party at CLUB X5. Meaning the party won’t stop.

What’s new about this year’s Purple Party?

The event location means a fresher experience, we have been doing this event indoor for 3 years and for a change we have a beach party happening for the first time with multiple beach activities starting as early as 10am. Also for the first time we are having more artists joining the performance list.

Are there really 100 artists?

Yes, I have heard people ask this question. However I wish to invite you to our backstage and you get a picture of how a purple PARTY Happens. All the 3 past years we have had more than 100 Artists at our Backstage and there lots of Artists that haven’t got a chance to sing at this event because of time. That’s why since we have 15hours of entertainment at the beach so expect to have a great experience from over 100 artists.


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