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Purple Party – The Biggest End Of The Year Party Happening Tomorrow.

The Purple party which is now in its third edition, is brought to you by SMS ONE and takes place every year. This year’s edition promises to be more exciting with new items added to the menu from star performances to sitting arrangement, everything is going to be superb.

Official poster for the Purple Party

Official poster for the Purple Party

With just hours away from the Purple Party, the Fomo (Fear Of Missing Out) keeps skyrocketing as fans wouldn’t want to miss out on what will be the biggest party of the year. NTV’s Douglas Lwanga who hosts the party says people should expect to ‘blown away’ come tomorrow Saturday 27th December.

“All stakeholders will be taken care of right from the VIP to ordinary guests and there will be plenty of fun for all at the biggest end of year party.” Lwanga said.

Entry fee to the event is set at 10,000/= while table reservations can be booked on 0772697196.

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