Purple Party Returns To Excite Mbarara Again

All photos By Habre Muriisa/Chano8

With all the agitation for Big Size Bebe Cool who did not show up but personally apologized to his fans, Mbarara Purple Party that was held at the Rwebikoona-based Rwiz Arch Hotel on Saturday the 26th of August, was a big success especially basing on the fact that, all the other Kampala and Mbarara based artistes and Djs who were lined up lit it up with thrilling performances which the big crowd that represented enjoyed.

A special round of applause to the sponsoring companies Africell, Club Pilsener , Coca Cola and Kool events who did the stage and sound near to perfection without forgetting MC’s Kats and Esco who truly did a good job of engaging and exciting the crowd to the extent of climbing on top of the stage. Until next year at the 3rd edition, Purple Party is still the talk in Mbarara town.

A section of the crowd that came through for the party

This is what they call being there for your friend. MC Kats had to climb on top of the stage at Purple Party Mbarara

MC Esco got the crowd heated up too just like Kats

Selector Jay on the ones and twos warming up Mbararans before the party officially kicked off

Like is the case before, the event started off with a red carpet session at around 8 PM and this is where we saw Mbarara’s slay queens and fashionstas showcase their outfits before the actual kick off. Meanwhile, as the red carpet still took revellers’ attention, Selector Jay was on the wheels of steel warming up the people with serious Dj mixes.

One of the revellers on the red carpet

At few minutes past 9PM, the performances were officially kicked off with artistes 2 Boy, Method, Nimrod, Maxim, B2C, Megatone, Snipper Banks and Dj Africano from Rwanda before Douglas Lwanga the party CEO took the stage to say hallo to his fans. He then broke the sad news of how the highly anticipated headliner Bebe Cool had gotten an emergency thus not making it to Mbarara and also played his (Bebe’s) apology audio clip.

The crowd got mad on hearing this but that was for a few minutes before things normalised. Dj Shiru immediately took to the stage and made Mbararans forget Bebe Cool’s no show with the thrilling mixes. Shortly after, more performances from Ceaserous, Spice Diana, Penny Patra (from Mbarara), Easy Mo and PXD, Riddim Selector, Mat Henry, Amani Amaniga and Jackie Kaziire (all from Mbarara) hit the stage.

The CEO Purple Party Uganda Douglas Lwanga saying hi to his Mbarara fans

Dj Shiru had a nice showcase that got Mbarara fans forget Bebe Cool did not show up

Ceaserous performing

B2C trio also excited the fans

Spice Diana performing

One of Mbarara’s baddest female artistes Penny Patra performing

A special round of applause to this Mbarara based MC Kacece who promoted the party

Kiga Flow artiste Amani Amaniga performing

The artistes’ performances followed no order so it was just about who ever were available at a particular time to take to the stage. The last performers to showcase were Grenade, Ray G, Latinum, Dj Roja and Slick Stuart, Fefe Busi, Ykee Benda, Aganaga, Nutty Neithan and finally comedian Jaja Bruce.

In a nut shell, this year’s edition of purple party Mbarara was a fun-filled one that had lots of thrilling performances and give aways for example Africell t-shirts, wrist bands, aprons and Club bears were given out to the revellers.

One of Uganda’s baddest Dj duo Roja (left) and Slick Stuart performing at Purple Party Mbarara

Nutty Neithan performing

Ykee Benda performing

Fefe Busi performing

One of Mbarara’s biggest artistes Ray G performing

Latinum performing

Aganaga performing

Comedian Jaja Bruce closed the party


Africell had give aways to for the revellers

NTV The Beat;’s Dj Bryan was amomg the Djs who got the revellers dancing

MC Shukran was one of the hosts



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