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Queen Of Katwe Receiving Rave Reviews Around The World

With the queen of Katwe set to premiere in Uganda this coming Friday, the movie is already recieving rave reviews from other parts. UK based newspaper the guardian compared to the award winning movie, slumdog millionaire,

“In fact for what is, in essence, a by-numbers Disney sports flick, there’s endless freshness and vivacity to Mira Nair’s picture – her best in years. The Slumdog settings are eye-poppingly well shot by Sean Bobbitt, and though it’s hard to attest to their authenticity, urban Africa is rarely this intimately drawn.”

International artist Alicia Keys who wrote a song for it said, ‘this movie reminds you where you start doesn’t have to be where you end.’

Queen of Katwe will definitely thrill Ugandans when it premieres

Queen of Katwe will definitely thrill Ugandans when it premieres

Bringing it back, Bobi Wine who was recently in the states shared a picture of the queen of Katwe billboard and said,

#QueenOfKatwe is flying high on the billboards of Holywood.To our Minister of Tourism Hon.Godfrey Kiwanda, arts and culture are a much more effective way of promoting our country’s tourism sector rather than ‘Rolex’ coz Chapati is Indian bread and eggs are not exclusively Ugandan. So, in my opinion the art of rolling them together wouldn’t be reason for any tourist to come and see. Preserve the Uganda National Cultural Centre #NationalTheatre and you will see more of this or better still, promote arts and culture at all levels.

Queen of Katwe is about the life of Fiona Mutesi a Ugandan teenage girl who grew up on the streets of Katwe playing chess since her childhood and went on to win several championships around the world. It’s because of that foundation that she travelled and met prominent people like Gary Kasparov, the greatest chess player ever, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton among others.

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