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The Qwela Junction ‘Divas Episode’ Unveiled

The highly anticipated Qwela Junction season three ‘Divas Episode’ which is featuring seven talented female artistes namely Sandra Suubi, Naava Grey, Solome Basuta, Jemimah Sanyu, Rita Sabiti, Racheal Magoola and More Roots is a few days to take place. It is not a competition any way, but it will just be a time when the seven meet and every one will sing their and the others’ songs all in a proposed venue which is none other than Kampala Serena Hotel on Sunday the 29th of November.

Yesterday, At the ‘House of Djs’ offices in Bugolobi which is also a partnering company in this, is where they held a press conference to officially unveil what they have in stock come the 29th. While addressing the journalists, Joe Kahiri the Band leader with Qwela band said that Qwela junction wants to bring different audiences and artistes together in an experience that will all be on the same stage.


Joe Kahiri the Qwela Band leader was the host

After Joe’s address, the three female artistes out of the seven, namely Nava Grey, Sandra Suubi and Solome who had represented, briefly addressed the journalists on what they are working on ahead of the coming event. Sandra Suubi expressed how she can’t wait and how it’s been a nice experience rehearsing with Racheal Magoola.


The 3 divas out of the seven who represented at the press conference (L-R) Sandra Suubi, Solome Basuta and Naava Grey


Sandra Suubi talking on how ready she is for the Qwela Junction ‘Divas episode’ on 29th of November

Solome also said that the fans are going to be taken on a musical journey which they will enjoy because of the different artistes on one stage, she even confessed how she listened and loved Nava’s song ‘Ninga Omuloge’ and come 29th she will be performing it live.


Solome Basuta stressing a point

Naava Grey was the last to give out her remarks and she said she has been in the music industry for some time but never gotten an experience to work with fellow female singers and also promised music at its best and urged people not to miss out.


Naava Grey addressing journalists on what she has in stock come 29th

Qwela junction is a quarterly series of collaborative concerts featuring artistes of a specific discipline on the same stage to give their audience a unique high quality live music showcase.

This year, they have been doing it episodes where episode one was dubbed ‘Guitar Maestros’, episode 2 being ‘Sax Aces’ and the third coming up on 29th November dubbed ‘The Divas’. Lovers of Ugandan music and fans of the above artistes, Kampala Serena Hotel is the place to be for the best high quality live music showcase from the seven divas come 29th. Chano8 will be there too to bring you its highlights.

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