Qwela Serves Early Xmas-With A Twist!

The Nile Gold sponsored Qwela Xmas will be etched in the memory of those who attended-and those who did not. Whoever was there will recall it for being such a top notch event, and whoever was not will be haunted by the regret of missing it. Hosted at the plush Kampala Serena Hotel on 11th December, it was a perfect blend of Christmas goodness, melodious tunes of music, fun, food and drinks.


Sandra Suubi during her emotional performance

The event brought together the Qwela Divas as well as the Qwela Crooners, and their various instruments. Now here they were, on one stage, and the fans were in for the typical end of year thrill. The guests were all served with a Nile Gold on the house on arrival, while those in the VIP section had the pleasure of the drink flowing to them all night.

In stepped Pablo Kimuli, with the Christmas spirit radiating off his trademark smile. He was only a part time MC, but he cracked warm jokes that got bouts of laughter from the animated audience. One by one, he rolled out the performers, and lo! The show was on.


A stringing session gets with Charmant Mushaga intense

Rita Sabiiti blew the crowd away with a flute, one of the age old instruments in music. The crowd sat back and let her lull them, before  thunderous clap in unison as she took a bow. The Kitanda Brothers showed yet another maestro display on the saxophone, while bubbling vocalist and guitar virtuoso Kenneth Mugabi had to deal with pleas from the crowd to sing his solo “Naki” much to their appreciation and ecstasy.

Then came the vocalists, the ones whose voices can bring a full house to standstill-and they did! Solome Basuuta and Sam Kimera were key performers here, and Kimera took the crowd by storm when he assumed the MC role, and executed it with surprising dexterity.


A section of the audience at the event

Sandra Suubi was further proof of the power of vocals. She sang so passionately and emotionally, getting so lost in the moment that she broke down into tears. The act was so infectious that the band of ladies backing her up also followed suit and cried.

The party climaxed into a Christmas carols performance, and all went home, satisfied with the showing that made them forget the usual “DJ, play track 4”. It surely was a night to remember.


The performers take a bow at the end of their electric performances



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