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Rabadaba Fires Back At Mad Rat, Chiko And Full Figure Over Their ‘Bad’ Comments About His Introduction Ceremony

It happened about 5 days ago but it is still one of topics on some people’s lips. Dancehall singer Rabadaba real name Seguya Faisal was officially introduced by a one Maggie Salha Kiweesi at her parents home in Butamba, Katabi in Entebbe.

Right from the time rumours began circulating that Raba was set to be introduced, tongues were set wagging, mainly because of the fact that Maggie is late Dancehall singer AK 47’s widow and mother of twins as well as her rumoured recent relationship with singer Grenade.

Among the people who had comments about the ceremony are motor-mouthed presidential advisor Jennifer Full Figure and comedy duo Mad Rat and Chiko.

In a video that went viral on social media, Full Figure heavily criticizes the ceremony for accommodating a lot of guests that were more than the said 20 for introductions and weddings as directed by the government due to the outbreak of Covid19.

In her overrated opinion, she feels like standard operating procedures weren’t observed at the function. As if that wasn’t enough, Full also said that Rababada is an opportunist who is all about Maggie’s money and just wants her to take him with her to the UK where she bases.

These words didn’t go down well with the ‘Bwekili’ hit singer who bitterly fired back at her saying she is an ugly, lowlife illiterate seeking for attention.

“Who is Full Figure? That is nonsense, she is an illiterate, she is a low life, she is even ugly, I even feel sorry for the men that sleep on that woman. Since when does her opinion matter? Who is she?” Furious Raba said in an interview with a local online TV.

He went ahead to say that him and Full Figure aren’t of the same class giving before warning her to keep his and his wife’s names out of her mouth

The annoyed Dancehall singer didn’t have any kind words for comedy Duo Mad Rat and Chiko who also made a comment about his relatinship with Maggie.

According to what they said in a video clip a few days after the introduction, their message in a way insinuated that Maggie is the ‘man’ in this relationship. At some point, they were heard saying that Raba will be cooking for Maggie

Raba told them off referring to them as empty tins who are also illiterate and make money through what he called “Stupid things”

“Those are just stupid comedians making money through stupid things, They are also illiterate, these are empty tins, that is why you make money out of comedy, you cannot sit in an office, you don’t have brains to have a proper job, That is where your knowledge stops” said Raba

Rabadaba and Maggie at the introduction ceremony


Watch furious Rabadaba firing back at Full Figure and Mad Rat and Chiko









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