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Radio And Weasel Applaud Jose Chameleone For Nurturing Their Career

Dynamic duo Radio and Weasel started out their singing career in Leone Island under Jose Chameleone. In fact it was ‘Bomboclat’, a duet between Chameleone and Weasel that earned the latter a place among the talented Ragga artistes from the Mayanja family.

After forming Goodlyf crew, Radio and Weasel started hitting out at their former boss for the way he dismissed them from his record label and it was not until 2013 that the two camps resolved their issues.  Chameleone even attended their ‘Best of Radio and Weasel’ concert at Africana in May this year and publicly announced that he will forever be Team Goodlyf.

Jose Chameleone on stage with Radio and Weasel.

Jose Chameleone on stage with Radio and Weasel.

Chano8 came across a post today with the two artistes applauding their love and respect for the music Dr. for mentoring and supporting them when they had just started singing.

“We’ve come a long way, radio and weasel as a duo started in 2008. We can’t say this journey has been simple, till date we still remain relevant to this industry. Normally many times we forget to thank the people that made us in all aspects; financially, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Today we thank fans and most importantly our mentor DR. JOSE Chameleone like he once said ‘Basiima ogenze’, no we are not waiting for that. It’s very important to salute the people that made a difference in our lives and career; we are happy and proud to say you are such an important pillar to both our lives and music industry.”

Radio and Weasel will be having their ‘Juice juice’ concert on November 1st at a venue yet to be named.

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