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Radio And Weasel Shed Light On The Tubonga Nawe Saga

Radio and Weasel who are undoubtedly the best duo in Uganda, recently came out to shed light on the tubonga nawe saga.

In an exclusive interview with Chano8, they said the song is more about everyone’s right to vote,

Now when it comes to that song, it is about each and everyone’s right to vote. To vote for which ever candidate they prefer. As Ugandans we vote too and we have a similar choice as most Ugandans so I don’t see why it is an issue, people should just vote for whoever they wish.

The way I see it NRM commissioned artists to do a song and they did it, they got paid and their families were happy. As an artist, it is my job to sing. So another party like FDC can also pay another group of artists to make them a song, there is nothing wrong with that.

Radio and Weasel explain the story behind Tubonga Nawe

Radio and Weasel explain the story behind Tubonga Nawe

Weasel also revealed the reason how he has managed to work with Radio for long,

Duos come up and disappear, a lot contributes to that, but mostly I believe it is communication. Radio and I do everything as brothers. We talk about everything. I wouldn’t do anything without letting him know and the same applies to him. We are always on the same page and we agree a lot on most things. It also takes persistence and being consistent with your music

Read more about the dynamic duo in the Chano8 November issue here.

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