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Radio And Weasel Spit Fire Over House, Call Jeff Kiwa A Monkey.

Africa’s award winning dynamic duo Radio and Weasel were today evening spitting fire live on TV over their Neverland House located in Makindye and money they alleged they were fleeced of by their former manager Jeff Kiwanuka.

A visibly furious Radio was ranting in frustration when NTVs Douglas Lwanga who was hosting them on his. The Beat program asked them about the fate of their house. And the money they allegedly claim was fleeced by Jeff Kiwa when he was their manager at Goodlyfe.

Radio in particular went into a no-holds-barred moment of hard-hitting response calling Jeff all sorts of names like rat, cow and monkey some so gross, we can’t even write here. Radio claims ‘Monkey’ Jeff Kiwanuka after stealing their money for 8 years, now is turning to their house and wants to take it by force using under hand methods like bribing authorities which even includes DPC Kawempe.

Radio and Weasel NTV

Radio and Weasel in NTV studios with Douglas Lwanga (The Beat photo)

Jeff, whom the duo has been referring to as ‘rat or parasite for a long time’, is accused by the duo for cheating them of their hard earned concert money and money accruing from iTunes downloads which he sends to his wife a one Nakifuma in Norway. They claim after they sacked Jeff he now wants to leave with their assets.


Jeff Kiwa


The duo claim police officers bribed by Jeff’s group have been threatening them over the house issue. Despite the issue being before courts of law, the two sides seem to be taking matters on their own hands with the camps already involved in bloody fights and threatening each other with knifes, pangas and other weapons.

We’ll keep you updated on new developments.

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