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Radio And Weasel’s Jaw Dropping ‘Juicy’ Video Quickly Becomes A Fan Favorite

With just a few days gone since Radio and Weasel released their Juicy video, it’s only safe to say that they have really raised the bar sky high.

The video is not only a statement of Sasha Vbyz amazing prowess, but also a justification of the hard work Ugandan musicians have put into developing their careers. Juicy was already a fan favorite and it’s no wonder it has received massive airplay on several radio stations and hangouts.

When the Juicy video was released, many people couldn’t help but commend it,

The Track is On Top. I’m in love with this tune…. It’s so juicy‘ one proud fan said.

A one Eric Picho, further highlighted the importance of other artistes stepping up to the plate,

‘This is what we call good music just wish all Ugandan musicians pull up their socks, then we shall take over the world.’

High quality which most musicians in Uganda have resorted to, will definitely give them a higher chance of competing at the international level. The only way from here is upwards, who knows Ugandan music could soon take over Africa, fingers crossed.

Have a look at the Juicy Video below.

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