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Radio And Weasel’s ‘Omwana Wabandi’ Music Video Finally Out

They are best East African music Duo and yes, it is undoubtedly that their music is topping the charts and rocking the airwaves .They met, formed a crew and they are here to stay. Last year, they released a song entitled ‘Omwana Wabandi’, a Luganda word meaning ‘some one’s child’ and this week, they took another step and released its video, shot and directed by Frank Jah of Jah Live Films.

Radio and Weasel MAMA

East Africa’s Dynamic Duo Radio and Weasel

‘Omwana Wabandi’ is a love song with a simple story line where they sing about falling in love with some one’s daughter who happens to be a tough Muslim man. The video begins with the man who is seen with police men. They stop at some bar, in which they find and arrest Radio who is found with the man’s daughter having fun and drinking wine.

He is then lifted and brought out by the police officer, as tries to resist, the police man overpowers and forcefully makes him sit in the police car and is driven away but after a hustle as Radio and the girl didn’t want to be set apart. This all happens as the people are watching and journalists taking pictures.

Weasel comes in the last verse and he is seen wearing all white, seated on a chair in a club and a group of men in all black dancing behind him. He is also seen pulling some rear dance strokes while seated in the chair.

Radio and Weasel5

This is one of the freshet music videos the duo has released in the year 2016 and it has a good print which you might need to watch and it is already doing good online.

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Watch Omwana Wabandi By Radio and Weasel below



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