Radio Releases Another Single ‘Leesu’ Without Weasel

Photos by Habre Muriisa

 Every time one of either Radio or Weasel releases a song, there arises a lot of controversy on whether the two have fallen out because these guys are East Africa’s hottest music duo whom the general public expects to always stick together and do their magic.

At least according to public opinion, it is supposed to be like that. However, all we know is that, the two agreed to work on individual projects outside of team Radio and Weasel. So far we have heard two songs namely ‘Wiggle Wiggle’ which Weasel released alone and the fans’ favourite ‘Neera’ which was sang by Radio. The latest we have on our news desk is yet another brand new release titled ‘Leesu’ by Radio which was produced by Kayz.


Radio out another single dubbed ‘Leesu’ with out Weasel

‘Leesu’ the song

He starts the song in a slow rhythm in a lovey-dovey tone in which he is planning on how he wants to wait for a girl in the morning as she wakes up, but to his surprise, he finds the girl still wide awake. He reminds the girl on how he still loves her like he used to the first time they met. He adds that he took the early morning bus to come check on her and goes ahead to ask for forgiveness in case his coming too early discomforts the, because he has sleepless nights dreaming of her daily. He then goes ahead asking the girl to be considerate and love him back.

In the second verse, he describes how other singers have sung about her beauty and how electricity is generated from the flow of her tears. He expresses his fear about how many rich men are lined up in need of her, forcing him to brag about himself on how he is friends with her and indeed having a space in her heart.

As the verse comes to a conclusion, he discloses how time is moving sluggishly from the first time he met her and how he wants her to stay in his house, cook and eat from there plus becoming his identity card and repeats the first verse and chorus till fade.


Just like in the case of ‘Neera’ where he sings about love, the flow of the song is slow and with Radio’s voice piercing directly into the heart as he stresses his point. However in Neera he empathises his poin t‘Tukikole Neera’(Luganda for lets us do it again) in the chorus by repeating the key word while in ‘Leesu’ he spreads the message across.

Listen to ‘Leesu’ by Radio below

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