Radio, Weasel And Aganaga Release First Ever Collabo Video

Sometime back Goodlyfe and Dancehall singer Khalifah Aganaga weren’t at good terms at all. Actually the bad blood or call it ‘Beef’ was mostly between Weasel and Aganaga. Although we don’t the cause of the bad blood, all we know is that their ‘beef’ had spread its wings far and wide especially in the media.

Recently, the 3 artistes resolved their differences and went to Diggy Baur’s Sound Cova studio where they did a Dancehall collabo song dubbed ‘Gudi Gude’ which is currently rocking the airwaves. Like everyone knows that music videos spice up songs, this track’s video is finally out for the fans to appreciate.

‘Gudi Gude’ the video shot and directed by Jaja Nico of Super Star Films

Starting with a scene of Weasel and Aganaga sloping down the stairs from their hotel rooms, the video was entirely shot at one of the hotel’s swimming pool side with a lake view. Outside they find and join a number of their friends who seem to be having a blast at the pool side.

The video director then pulls our attention to Radio who is seen pulling some rare dance strokes amongst the crowd and the other interesting scene is of two ladies playing with toy water guns. Other scenes show Radio, Weasel and Aganaga in a group enjoying themselves all at a party.

The party goes on and on and in the concluding scenes we see two of the dancers clad in sexy attire pulling some stunning dance strokes. Radio, Weasel and Aganaga also join and pull more rare and funny dance moves which make the video more interesting.

Finally the party gets crazier as socialite Dynamite joins in the crowd and they dance it off till late. However, many of the people featuring in the video are wearing bright colours and the army like attire Radio, Weasel and Aganaga wore in some scenes put an interesting and eye catching look to the video.

Pictures of behind the scenes of Gudi Gude’s video shoot


                        Aganaga IMG-20160823-WA0055 IMG-20160823-WA0056 IMG-20160823-WA0058

Watch Gudi Gude’s video below

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