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Radio And Weasel Release Touching ‘Neera’ Video

Radio and Weasel new video

Radio in the new Neera video

Ever since ‘Neera’ was produced amidst the confusion surrounding the split of Goodlyfe, Fans have been waiting for the official video to not only enjoy the pictures but also decipher the message Radio is trying to pass across.

The song has become an instant hit on Radio and in clubs. In the song, Radio is ‘pleading’ to Weasel not to abandon their friendship and partnership that has done wonders for them thus far. He assures him of a great future that lies ahead if they are to continue working together. Nothing should or can or separate them because they are ‘twins’ who are destined to live together forever.

Weasel with girl in new video

Weasel with girl in new video

Weasel neera2

The song was produced in the height of the breakup of the original Goodlyfe in which the duo split from then manager Jeff Kiwa over disagreements involving financial and contractual obligations. They also accused Kiwa of fraud and wanting to grab the group’s property.

During that tumultuous period which eventually culminated into physical fights, Weasel had kept a neutral stance with rumours starting to make rounds that he had opted to join his brothers AK47 and Palasso who were now new recruits in Jeff Kiwanuka’s ‘Goodlyfe Team No Sleep’

And in the video, Radio seems to embark on a new journey though in a vintage car that leads him to ‘a new beginning’. Meanwhile, Weasel is seen on the other side ‘reconciling or making’ up with a long time girlfriend which symbolically tells the fans that he has decided to stick with Radio.

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