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Ragga Dee, King Micheal Speak Out On Police Directive About Camouflage Cloths

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Last week, Uganda Police came out and said they are going to start arresting citizens who have made it a tendency to wear camouflage clothes that resemble army attire.

This was directed towards musicians who are the most culprits and whoever still wears them without informing the police will either pay a penalty or be arrested on sport but this has not gone down well for some musicians like Ragga Dee and King Micheal who have come out and complained about this directive.

Ragga Dee, the self-proclaimed grandfather of Ugandan music says that the law is the law but some of the outfits he has don’t resemble the Ugandan army uniform. “It’s true we have to follow the law but police should understand that some of the outfits we own are not in any way related to the Ugandan army. I have blue army uniforms and they belong to European countries so does that mean I will also be arrested?” he asked.

He also added that this all comes from URA who should stop people from importing those type of clothes. “URA should find ways of stopping those clothes from entering Uganda because they come in bales and the trades have to sell them like ordinary clothes.”

Ragga Dee say the camouflage cloths he has don’t exactly resemble the ones of the army

Dj Michael, a dancehall musician on the other hand said that only if the police can refund him the money he used to buy the clothes is when he will stop wearing them. He said he bought his camouflage clothes abroad and very expensive so no one has the right to stop him from wearing them.

King Micheal will only stop wearing camouflage cloths if only Police refunds the money he bought them

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