Ragga Dee Makes Surprise Return At Roast And Rhyme, Leaves Slay Queens Confused With His Lingala Moves

Veteran Ragga yes you read that right, Ragga artiste Jajja Ragga Dee made a surprise return on the music scene after taking a sabbatical or is it early retirement to join politics and concentrate on his businesses.

However his return on the music scene at Roast And Rhyme Reggae Ragga Nyama Nyam on Sunday was received with mixed feelings as it looked like the crowd was bundled into some kind of time machine that ejected them back into the early 90’s.

Revellers congregated at Jahazi Pier on a Sunny afternoon to enjoy Reggae and Ragga Vibes at the lake shore.

With a crowd full of millennial and slay queens, many stood agape as they could not understand a thing or two about the burly singer who had joined the Voltage Music duo of Kent and Flosso on stage to bring back memories of the 90’s.

A few of them expressed euphoria but the majority kept following proceedings with confusion as they were not familiar with the type of music being presented. With the theme being Reggae and Ragga music, Ragga Dee however started unleashing some of his old songs that were far from close to being Reggae or Ragga but rather closer to Congolese Rumba and Kwassa Kwassa.

Old meets new: Ragga Dee joined the Voltage Music duo of Kent and Floss before unleashing Afrobeats and lingala.


Confused slay queens stoof aloof and looked on as Ragga Dee did his thing.

The rest of the crowd too looked confused as they could only watch the veteran with his team perform.

For a generation that only understands only Shaku Shaku, Ragga Dee’s Lingala antics could not just cut it for them as they most stood aloof and looked on in total confusion. ‘Oyo ayimba biki?’ What is he singing? one of the slay queens dressed in bright flowery body-hugging dress was overheard asking her friend in Luganda.

It was like a time machine had taken them back to prehistoric times without any user manuals for what that age could offer.

With some of the songs Dagga Dee performed being much older than the slay queens who had gathered closer to the stage, they just looked at him like some kind of lost primitive alien whose saucer crash-landed on stage. Not knowing this is actually the winner of numerous PAM Awards as Best Ragga Artiste back then.

‘I don’t understand a thing’ The young girls seem to say.

The younger slay queens were however betrayed by their older colleagues; the slay Jjajjas who pretended to be confused too for fear of exposing their ‘true ages’.

So, as Ragga Dee resorted to urging the crowd to join in the dance, most of them preferred to just watch the dancers the ‘Digida’ singer had come with on stage.

However, being the natural entertainer he is, Ragga Jajja with a little persuasion here and there, eventually managed to get them grooving to Ndigida Ndigida Ndigida and other songs like  ‘Mbawe’, ‘Oyagala Cash’ and ‘Parliament’.

Old School is golden but Ragga Dee had to first convince the young slay queens about this.

However there were other familiar faces too as bofore Voltage music there was The Cultural Ensemble that opened the proceedings before Roots Worriors did some proper Reggae Vibes as lead vocalist Kenneth Mugabe did some Bob Marley covers.

Janzi Band who had backed Voltage Music then returned to close the live session before Sir Aluda took to the wheels of steel for the party to continue late into the night. The quarterly event organized by Swangz Avenue and Buzz Events is powered by Bell Jamz and takes place in Jahazi Pier at the lake Victoria shores.

The Cultural Ensemble also did a variety of music using their traditional instruments and dance strokes.

Kenneth Mugabi and the Roots Warriors doing some of the more familiar covers

Janzi Band as usual, were on top form comfortably doing music from all corners of the globe.

As usual, selfies were the order of the day for the queens,


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