Rajiv Ruparelia Buys Monster Car, Ready To Take on Rallying Sport

Rally drivers Ronald Sebuguzi, Duncan Kikankane and Rwakataka better be ready to handle competition because we have someone new in the game and he might actually take someone’s spot if all goes well.

Son to business tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia Rajiv Ruparelia recently announced that he was interested in car rallying. Many thought he was joking not until last Saturday when he unveiled his brand new rally car that he will be using to participate in several rally competitions.

The brand-new Volkswagen Polo R was unveiled at Rock Gardens in Kampala and the car was immediately nicknamed “Double Trouble”. It can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 4.1 seconds.

Rajiv was in company of his wife Naiya, his dad Sudhir Ruparelia and Dipu Ruparelia his uncle and mentor in this field.

Also in attendance were rally drivers Dan Mubiru “Kikankane”, Ambrose Byona “Omunyeto”, Ronald Ssebuguzi and Desh Kananura. This proved that there is no bad blood between them and the only place to have rivalry is on the track.

Rajiv underwent rally-driving instruction in South Africa in April under the mentor-ship of Africa’s highest-rated rallying coach, Leone Botha who is a multiple former South African Rally Champion.

He referred to Rajiv as the best raw talent he has ever had to train. “In contrast with some students, where one is hesitant to issue an unconditional recommendation –based on talent and application thereof, I have no hesitation in stating that Rajiv has been the best experience I have ever had, or should I say enjoyed, from an inexperienced driver,”Botha stated.

Rajiv and his wife Naiya and his father Sudhir posing for photos on his new rally car

Rajiv speaking at the unveiling party of the car

Rajiv posing for photos with some of the people who attended the party

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