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Rapper Cardi B Shows Off Her Tattoo In Nude Photo Shoot

‘Bodak Yellow’ was for sure a serious breakthrough song for American female rapper Cardi B. Many Ugandans got to her by that tune which up to now is still in the fans’ playlists. Cardi is a controversial chick who loves speaking her mind and doing what she wants, how she wants, when she wants. Could this be because she was a former stripper?

From her breakthrough, Cardi has broken the internet so many times with her controversial deeds among which include sex tapes, naked dancing to mention but a few. On Sunday, the 26th of August, she got the internet talking again with a nude photo displaying her colorful 3D peacock tattoo that lies on her right thigh.

Cardi took  to her Twitter account where she shared the photo that has since then thrown Twitter users in a frenzy. One Twitter user identified as Melanie commented on the photo saying “I love you cardi I do . But tell me why you aren’t getting ANY TYPE of backlash but a kardashian do it and it’s 30 different headlines about being a bad mom”

Meanwhile, this comes a few weeks after Carbi B gave birth to her first child with fellow rapper Off Set of the Migos boy trio fame.

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