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Rapper Fik Fameica Taught Lesson As Concert Gets Low Turn Up

For the past two years, rapper Fik Fameica has been one of the hottest artistes in the Ugandan music industry. He has managed to do what others including the old guns have failed to do within a short period.

Despite the criticism that he always copies the songs, he has still managed to make everyone dance to the said ‘copied songs’. 

To every successful artiste, a concert is what gauges them on the scene. It’s one of the major parameters to show to the world that an artiste is not where he is by mistake.

Fik Fameica failed that taste on Friday at his ‘My Journey’ concert at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds. It was a low turn up that saw about 400 people but with the hits he has, that was way below the expected. One would expect at least 3,000 people but this wasn’t the case.

The low turn up has however been attributed to quite a number of factors, one being the entry fee (Ug Shs 20,000 and 50,000 VIP) which many believe was a bit high for his kind of audience that mainly constitutes high school students who can afford 10k.

The turn up was not that good

The other factor was the timing. It is believed that in December, there are so many concerts and events but Fik Fameica who earlier on this same year had a sold out concert at Sky Beach located at Freedom City, there was nothing new he was offering this time round at Kyadondo

That aside, Fik Fameica didn’t organise any press conference for his show. It is said that the first press conference he had called was postponed after journalists were told that he was still sleeping. Another presser which was supposed to happen on Thursday the 13th of December was also cancelled over unclear reasons. It is because of this that the concert lacked publicity.

But however, despite all that, Fik Fameica put up a tremendous performance. He managed to sing on live band for the one hour he was on stage. He even changed three times and the support he got form fellow artistes like Gravity, Lydia Jazmine, Karole Kasita, Aziz Azion, and Spice Diana among others was well deserving.

He performed most of his hit songs including ‘Pistol’, ‘Mafia’, ‘Tubikole’, ‘Sconto’, ‘Tonsukuma’, ‘Born To Win’, ‘Kachima’, ‘Gwe Abisobola’ featuring Byaxy and ‘My Property’ among others.


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