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Rapper French Montana’s Visit To Uganda Leaves Lasting impression.


From shooting a video, French Montana has continued to show his love to Uganda by donating a huge amount of money to the needy.

The American rapper yesterday donated shillings amounting to shs$100,000 to the Mama Hope community charity in Uganda.

“That touched my heart when I went out there,” he told Billboard.com of his trip and the reason for his generous donation. “I felt like taking my clothes off while I was there and giving it to them there. “I feel like sometimes God puts you in a platform where you’re supposed to help other people.” He said.

It doesn’t stop at that. Montana also decided to start the ‘Unforgettable’ dance challenge where the people will post their dance moves on the song which will help to raise more funds to help the community.  

French Montana dances with Uganda’s Ghetto Kids in a music video

“I feel like when you do stuff like that, the energy gives off of it itself (sic),” French said. “Us taking 30-hour trips over there, helping kids and using a platform that I got to showcase these kids’ talents from the dancing to the ambition to the hunger, I felt like everything came together.”

The Unforgettable Dance Challenge has already taken off online, thanks to French’s famous friends like Drake, Swizz Beatz, and DJ Khaled helping to push the latest craze on social media.

French, whose family struggled financially during his childhood in Morocco, reveals he learned about Mama Hope through a mutual friend, and his stop at the Suubi Center inspired him to do more for organization officials, who support entrepreneurship worldwide to help kids from tough backgrounds lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Watch French Montana below;


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