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Rapper Fresh Kid Uncomfortable Staying With His Father

Rapper Fresh Kid real name Patrick Ssenyonjo, the youngster of the moment came out openly to reveal how he is uncomfortable living with his father in the same house.

While appearing on a local TV station, the young rapper said he has tried to talk to his father about his discomfort but he has ignored his cries. He added that he prefers living with his manager at the moment.

 “I feel unhappy and mostly uncomfortable these days while staying with dad but there is nothing to do” Fresh Kid said.

The rapper also went on to narrate his current lifestyle and the new life he is currently living. He says that everything looks new to him but he is slowly adjusting.

Rapper Fresh Kid is not comfortable living with his father. He enjoys living with his manager.

The seven-year-old rapper also revealed that he has made new friends at the prestigious Kampala Parents School where he was given a seven-year scholarship under Ruparelia Group. He said he has met Indians, Koreans, Japanese Children and he is slowly trying to connect with them.

He also explained that he has stopped requesting his father to allow him go stay with his manager with whom he feels happy and comfortable with.

However, on a good note, Fresh Kid spent the whole of Eid day in Masaka where he had several performances that his manager had booked for him.

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