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Rapper Fresh Kid’s Father Insists On Travelling With Son For International Gigs 

We thought Fresh Kid’s father was joking when he said he wants a car and a building for being the rapper’s father. From that moment, he took full control over the artiste and he has been seen taking and picking him from school on a daily.

A few days ago, it was reported that Fresh Kid’s manager Francis and his song writer 14 K Bwongo got frustrated because they no longer have access to the 7-year-old and having earned an encouraging fanbase, they feel this is the right time for Fresh Kid to make more money but his father known as Paul Mutabazi doesn’t want any of that.

With limited performances in Uganda, it looks like Fresh Kid is just receiving recognition abroad because he is booked for international gigs in a number cities around the world.

On hearing this, the rapper’s father has sworn that he has to be on the team travelling with him to those places despite the fact that organizers are willing to cater for only Fresh Kid and his manager Francis.

The artiste will be performing in Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi next month and thereafter Sweden, Netherlands, Finland and German where his father insists to go with him

His reason is that besides the adventure part, & watching over his son, he has to collect all tips and gifts that will be given to Fresh Kid, such that they don’t land in wrong hands.

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