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Rapper Keko ‘Stranded’ Overseas

First her contract was terminated with Sony Music record label, a company that promised her heaven and earth when she signed with them but barely three years into the contract, they terminated her. Keko was left devastated and she returned home and tried to revive her singing career.

After some years, Coke studio gave her a chance to appear on their annual mash ups but before she could even make her break, she insulted the organizers and ran away to the streets of Nairobi before she was flown back to Uganda and taken straight to rehab. What started as a rumour that she was abusing drugs became a reality and after her release, she seemed reformed. She gave up on alcohol and was seen on several occasions drinking soda and juice on several events but still she wasn’t the same person we knew in the music industry.

She launched her album some months back but it wasn’t embraced as she expected and the crowd was minimal. But we haven’t been able to trace her location until yesterday when she said she was in Canada which is a good thing only that she wanted to return home but didn’t know how.

“Guys, I’m stuck in a shelter in Canada and I need help to come back home”, was what Keko posted on Instagram.

However, she deleted the tweet but it left many worried on how they can help the once biggest Ugandan rapper.

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