Rashy K And Yung Mulo Team Up In New ‘Nuff Style’ Video

The last time Sweden-based Ugandan Hip Hop and Dancehall artiste Rashy K real names Rashid Kibirige Ssebunya came to Uganda was in September last year and he had come to promote his Sweden Uganda Connect album to the local market.

He returned in December and the little we got to know is that, he was in studio working on a tune with Dancehall artiste Yung Mulo. The two released the song dubbed ‘Nuff Style’ (Jamaican Patois for many styles) produced by Hannz Tactic. It is a Dancehall tune where the two are complementing the girl’s various styles of dance she pulls in the dancing hall which gets them hooked thus wanting to keep on looking at her.

The video

The 3 minutes and 49 seconds video entirely displays the ‘Nuff Style’ they sang about where one of the video vixens clad in hot pants is pulling different erotic dance styles in a smoky background which dominates throughout the entire video although in a way the smoke kind off disturbed the shots clarity.

Although we don’t know the intention, the video director Superstar 1488 maintained the smoky background which in a way adds some art in the video without forgetting the video vixen’s scenes while whining and jiggling to the beats. This makes the entire video nice to watch and it also cements the meaning to the song in which they sang about the girl’s different and many dance styles.

The artistes themselves Rashy K and Young Mulo spice up the video too as they pull rare dance strokes in some scenes especially Young Mulo. This video comes in at the right time when the ardent fans have been waiting for it although we expected more than one video vixen.


‘Nuff Style’ has been in fans’ ears with no video but all that became history after the video release and we hope it will earn more mileage for Rashy K back home in Uganda where he needs his Sweden Uganda connect album to sink roots.

Check out some behind the scenes pictures of ‘Nuff Style’ featuring Rashy K and Yung Mulo

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