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Ray Signature Gives Tips On How To Write A Hit Song

Ever wondered what goes on in the minds of chart-topping hit-makers while composing songs? Well wonder no more, for we bring you exclusive tips on how to write or compose a hit song.

The tips are from none other than, proven song writer and singer Raymond Joseph Mugerwa aka Ray Signature a Ugandan songwriter, singer and instrumentalist. Ray is the name behind several hit songs dominating our airwaves in East Africa now.

He recently visited chano8 offices and in an exclusive chat, revealed behind the scenes situations and events that usually influence a songwriter to come up with a master piece.

“First of all you have to have the talent to write songs, you need to research the theme so that each song tells a story with a beginning, an end and have a flow with consistency. The song has to have a melody.

It is important to study the vocal range of the artiste for whom you are writing and ensure that the production is good and brings out the intended rhythm”.

Ray who grew up with his preacher dad, has a church/Christian background. He studied at Seroma High School, Kings College Budi before joining Michael Angelo School of Art and Design from where he graduated with a degree in Fine Art in 2010. He practices Fine Art from the confines of his home.

Ray Signature

Ray Signature

His talent was discovered and natured by another talented song writer Sylver Kyagulanyi after a talent search he organised for the youth involving over 100 participants,

“Larry, Scar and I were the best and we formed a group called BigTym. We were together for close to three years from 2009-2011.In 2011 I decided to go solo with the famous Kasenyanku song.”He recounts

After being encouraged by his mentor Kyagulanyi to concentrate on song writing, he gave it a try with Iryn Namubiru’s song Byambirigo. The song was well received and he has since never looked back as he composed hit after hit for Uganda’s leading artists. His impressive line up of songs include,

Ray however confesses that song writers in Uganda are never appreciated and the profession is just picking up. He concedes though that, because of his good products, he now has a big number of fans and customers who pay him fairly well. Ray also tells us about his future plans. To read the full interview with Ray, just click on the July issue of Chano8 Digital Magazine on the right side this blog.

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