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Ray Signature Talks About His Upcoming ‘Kibanda’ Video

Ray Signature of the ‘Kasenyanku’ hit fame was on Saturday last week shooting another video for his song ‘Kibanda’ that has been in our ears since February. ‘Kibanda’ is a love song produced by D King whom Ray says has been producing most of his audios. Although he was busy, Chano8 caught up with him at the shooting venue around Kololo – Kampala, and this is what he had to say;

Chano8: Take us through, how the musical Journey has been for you so far.

It has been a rough and tough kind of journey but like you know, we started way back with ‘Big Tym Crew’ like I always say. We were a group of three and we broke up in 2011, every one chose to go solo and since then things have been moving on so we are here.

Chano8: You are shooting your ‘Kibanda’ song video today, how do you feel about this shooting session?

It’s a bit hectic and stressing (smiles), actually the reason why I take long to do videos is because they stress me so much but we are here, we are going to make it.

Chano8: Do you think your fans were anticipating for the video?

Yeah, sure because they love the song, it’s been played on radio stations and it’s really doing well out there so they are eagerly waiting. They always talk to me on facebook, twitter and tell me to do the video, because I listen to my fans, that is why I decided to do the video.

Chano8: Who is shooting this video?

Noltomax and Georgeous films, yeah! I have worked with these guys on a couple of projects, they are the people who shot the video for my first song ‘Kasenyanku’ actually. They are my friends and I love working with them.

ray 1

Ray Signature in one of the shots in the ‘Kibanda’ upcoming video

Chano8: when will your fans watch the video?

The video will be out in a weeks’ time, because am supposed to travel and spend a week away, so my management will work on it and when am back, probably it will be out.

Chano8: Take us through what the song is all about.

The song is all about a girl who doesn’t respect the boy friend and they are ever fighting, she doesn’t want to do anything, all she wants is go out and sleep in bars.

Chano8: As it goes through the editing processes, tell your fans what to expect in the video.

Ammm! Good quality, it’s more of a cooperate kind of video, more of suits and there is a beautiful girl in the video (smiles).

Chano8: Any more songs and Videos coming through?

Yeah, am shooting a video with Sasha Vybz very soon, it is called ‘Malaika’, it’s a typical R&B and kind of Afro beat. We are shooting it like next week


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