Real Reason Why Bebe Cool Missed Mbarara Purple party

Bebe Cool was advertised as the main headliner for the Mbarara Purple party for months and he too was as excited to meet his Mbarara fans just as were the fans to see one of Uganda’s biggest artistes. But then, the inevitable happened. Bebe Cool missed the performance that happened over the weekend and many were so disappointed mostly those who hadn’t read his apology message which explained his absence at the party.

 In the message which he posted on Facebook, the Gagamel boss pointed out that, he got a last minute call to travel to London for a performance for Sudhir Ruparelia’s son Rajiv Ruparelia which he couldn’t miss..

 “I would like to humbly apologise to all my fans in Mbarara for missing out on the purple party tonight. It all came because I had to urgently fly to London to honor a one day request most important to a fan, a family, a friend, that has supported my music, not only me but a man who has created employment for thousands of Ugandans Doc. Sudir R,” part of the message read.

Besides Bebe Cool’s no show, Purple Party Mbarara was a big success again

 The ‘Pass n Go’ musician further added that, this was the only request Sudhir has ever asked of him and he couldn’t turn it down. He also and also explained that he respects his fans so much and can’t compare them to anything or anyone but had to do it because it happens once in a lifetime.

“I therefore promise that it won’t happen again as I set my self for a return to make my fans happy in Uganda starting this weekend in Masaka at the club street jam.I will bring you some chocolate and sweets from London on behalf of Mbarara fans.” He concluded.

Do you think he was right to abandon his Mbarara fans at the last minute? Share your views on on Facebook page here https://web.facebook.com/chano8magazine/


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