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Real Reason Why The Entire Sanyu FM Staff Got Sacked By Ruparelia Group

It is now no secret that, Sanyu FM is in reboot mode after management decided to get rid of entire staff following a sit-down strike that started on Saturday.

It has already been widely reported in the media that, the staff laid down their tools in protest of a proposal by management to slash their salaries by 25% which did not go down well with the staff who decided to stay home.

The station has been operating on Auto DJ till this morning when comedian Salvado Idringi started work as the first recruit in pace of James Onen who also got fired.

Onen one of the longest serving presenters had worked for 21 years at the station and said his goodbyes to his fans yesterday after confirming indeed he was fired.

James Onen is said to have led the sit-down strike and got himslef fired. 

Chano8 has however learnt that the real reason behind sacking of the entire staff was performance related with management technically refusing to blame the economic meltdown resulting from effects from the coronavirus outbreak crippling advertising revenue for not only radio stations, but the entire media industry.

Sanyu FM staff reportedly refused to take the 25% salary cut and instead, decided to lay down their tools for the last three days, a matter that prompted Sudhir Ruparelia’s son Rajiv Ruparelia the Managoing Director of Ruparelia Group to act after failing to come into agreement with the senior staff and instead blamed them for failing to hit their target.

“They achieved only 50 percent of revenue of the budget. We asked 25 percent salary cuts, so they decided to go on strike contrary to their contract thus terminating it themselves. Now time for new blood,” He said.

The radio station management had proposed to its staff that because all businesses in the country have been crippled down due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it was imperative to reduce salaries so as to retain all workers without layoffs.

A proposal which was swiftly rejected, hence the strike led by Fatboy.

Rajiv Ruparelia decided to get rid of the old staff after failing to come into consensus.

Much as  it has been reported that, a section of the workers begged to return to work after absconding from duty, management seemed to have moved on as the search for a new workforce starts.

Rajiv says they fired no one but the staff decided to abandon work over the proposal to reduce their salaried by 25% in order to keep afloat as a means of dealing with CODIV-19 pandemic.

“Our workers were misled by selfish Fat Boy, but some have since returned, and tomorrow you will hear the girl who was working with Fat Boy on air working with new co-host Salvordo,” Rajiv was quoted as saying.

Salvado is already enjoying his moment at Sanyu FM.

Management also sent a release clearing the air about salary arrears which they said they do now owe anyone. They insist everyone has been cleared all their previous salaries.

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