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Reason Why Diamond Platnumz Songs Were Banned In Tanzania

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Bongo Flavour darling Diamond Platnumz is at this point one of the most trending Tanzanian artistes. Some people say he has revolutionized the art of Tanzania’s Bongo Flavour with awards he has won home and abroad and we wouldn’t be wrong to say that he is on top of his game, the sky being the limit

Diamond has defied the odds and challenged his critics with a constant display of work but unfortunately, two of his best 2017 songs ‘Hallelujah’ featuring Jamaican Band Morgan Heritage and ‘Waka’ featuring American rapper Rick Ross were banned from being played at any Tanzanian Radio or TV stations.

The ban did not however affect Diamond alone as 11 other artistes faced the same thing and the reason is that the ‘songs’ lyrics violate the ethics and regulations of broadcasting services’.

This whole ban thing comes after Tanzanian president HE John Magufuli last December complained about obscene music videos. The president’s complaint was properly heard and considered by Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) and on Wednesday the 28th of February, a list of banned songs was put out. 

Banning two of his songs which truly did very good last year for the singer is like adding an injury to a wound for Diamond especially following a recent incident where the mother of his two children Latifah Dangote and prince Nillan, Zari Hassan called it quits accusing him of being a cheat.  

However, the ban might not be such a big problem now that Diamond is in advanced stages of opening up his on WASAFI TV and WASAFI Radio that will play his other songs on rotation although the ban of two of his songs might also apply to his media houses.

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