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Red Handed: Drama As NBS TV’s MC Casmir Is Caught In Bed With Married Woman, Begs For Mercy

It is very hard for a year to pass without drama involving a common figure in the entertainment industry ensuing. We always enjoy it anyways (**smiles**)

Ugandans on social media are still in ‘shock’ with some making fun of him, following a trending video showing NBS TV “Hit Maker” show’s host, MC Casmir humbly begging for mercy after he was caught red-handed by security officers, having sex with unidentified married woman on Wednesday

In the 45 second video believed to have been recorded by one of the officers in what looks like a bedroom where the said sexual act happed, it shows apologetic Casmir asking for forgiveness from the officers who are heard asking him and the woman to come and sit on the bed.

Casmir who looks to be handcuffed although his arms are seen covered with a jacket, after sitting on the bed is asked, “Is this the bed where you played sex From?”. “Yes, I am sorry” Casmir replies in admission.

The married woman who at this moment looks all covered up in guilt and too frightened is asked the same question and also replies “yes, I am sorry”.

The former “The Campus 101” show host on Urban TV who thought being apologetic was going to save him from these men was again heard saying “Please forgive us, you can punish me but just know even if you punish me, I regret what I did” although his plea lands on deaf ears as the officer filming tells him “Your regret I don’t want”

This scandal as expected is currently one of the top trends on Twitter, with people condemning Casmir’s act and some, especially men, standing with him.

“Wrong is wrong and should not be defended . Why would you sleep with a married woman in the first place? Secondly, sleeping with a married woman is a crime which attracts police so there is nothing good to defend about mc Casmir.” Said a one Twitter user known as MC Jose

“Horn is a scam. How can a young man like Mc Casmir cheat with a married woman”– Asked Cute Mutooro

“No man can blame Mc Casmir after seeing that lady shiyaaa! big nyansh (bum) is life” Brighto Dynasty joked

“They embarrassed him on camera for cheating, did they have a search warrant? Did they ask for permission to film him? Shouldn’t the hotel have asked for a warrant? Didn’t the hotel breach the privacy and confidentiality terms? Are they ready to pay the damages they’ve caused ?” Ranted Soul singer Maurice Kirya

Meanwhile, it should remembered that Casmir proposed to his girlfriend Vanessa for years ago.

Watch the video here

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